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Last Modified: November 1, 2022

Thank you for choosing our services. We compose the relevant content of this Privacy Policy in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and technical specifications. If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your personal information, you can contact our Data Protection Officer through the contact details provided by us. We will give you feedback within fifteen working days.
Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using/continuing to use this game, especially the terms in bold (minors should be accompanied by their legal guardians to read). If you do not agree to the content of this policy, it may cause the game to fail to run normally or to achieve the service effect we intend to achieve, and you should stop using the game.
Please note you can contact our data protection officer to request the deletion of your data through the contact information provided by us.

The salient points of this privacy policy are shown as follows:

1.Personal Information We May Collect

To identify account anomalies, maintain the functioning of basic functions, and improve your gaming experience when you run this game, we need to collect your device information, including device name, device model, Advertisement Identifiers (include IDFA, IDFV), operating system, application version and type related to the operations users execute on devices and behaviours of users, language settings, resolution, mobile endpoint random storage.

When you register an account, you can use an account from a third party, such as Facebook, QQ, WeChat, Line, and Apple to log in to our product. In doing so, you are required to provide us with your third-party account's avatar, username, account ID, and other information. You can also choose to directly enter our product as a guest.

2.Information You Provide to Us

When you request information related to our games, technical support, or contact us in any way, we might ask you to provide certain personal information, including your account, E-mail address, phone number, device ID, system language, and APP version. Your act of providing us with such information indicates your consent to our collecting, using, managing, and storing your information in accordance with this privacy policy.

3.In-App Purchase Information

You can acquire virtual products (used for this game only) related to our products and their related services (i.e. game items, auto-sub, and in-game Ads-Free, manual subscription, etc.) which may vary in different products. The above said payment service is provided by Apple. We will only receive verification results confirming that you have completed the payment process from the Apple payment service provider, then provide corresponding products and services to you. If you wish to learn the specific rules as to how Apple service providers collect personal information, please read Apple's privacy policy.

4.You understand and agree that

when you are an Apple user, some individual services may require specific permissions on your device to collect and use the information involved in these permissions as follows:
(a) Native or H5 events vary in channels and regions. The location permission of the device you are using is required in order to achieve diversity and accuracy.
(b) When you are using related features to voluntarily provide images or save images, we need write and read permissions to your Album to ensure that the game functions normally for you.
(c) When you are using related features and need to take photos, we will request permission to use your camera in order to ensure the feature works uninterruptedly.
(d) When you are willing to receive related game information, including notifications regarding updates, maintenance, and changes, we will request application notification permission to be able to notify you.
(e) In order to improve your gameplay, we might request App Tracking permission (Please update your system version to the latest.).
If you wish to realize or experience the above functions, you may need to grant us corresponding permissions on your device. You can also choose to turn off the corresponding permissions in Settings at any time to cancel the corresponding authorizations. In different devices, the display method and turn-off method of permissions may be different. For details, please refer to the instructions or guides of the device and system developers.

Please note that individual device information, application notification permission, application tracking permissions, and others cannot identify specific natural persons' information. If we combine this non-personal information with other information to identify the identities of specific natural persons or combine other personal information together, this type of non-personal information will be regarded as personal information which shall be anonymized and de-identified during the combination period unless you are authorized or the laws and regulations demand otherwise.

5.Third-Party Services

In order to provide you with more comprehensive services, third-party software tool development kits (SDKs) are embedded in the game. When you use the services provided by such third parties in this game, you agree that they will directly collect and process your personal information, we will strive to review the third party's business qualifications and strive to require its legal compliance and security. In order to maximize the security of your information, we strongly recommend that you review the privacy terms of third-party service providers before using their services.

For more information, please read Appendix One: Third Party Personal Information List

6.Ways We Use Your Personal Information

(a) We will strictly abide by the provisions of laws and regulations and the agreement with you, and use the collected information in accordance with this "Privacy Policy" and "User Agreement". We will analyze the operation of this game according to the frequency and situation of your use of the product, error information, and performance information, to ensure the security of the service, optimize our products and improve the quality of our services. We do not combine information stored in analytics software with the personally identifiable information you provide.

(b) We will use the information collected for the purposes covered by this Privacy Policy. If the scope of your personal information we intend to use exceeds the scope described in this "Privacy Policy", we will revise the content of this "Privacy Policy" before collecting your personal information and obtaining your express consent again.

7.How Do We Provide Information Externally

Except as provided in this "Privacy Policy" and "User Agreement", we will not actively share, provide or transfer your personal information to third parties. If there are other situations where your personal information is shared, provided, or transferred or you request us to share, provide or transfer your personal information to a third party outside of us, we will directly confirm with you and obtain your express consent. We promise not to share, sell, or otherwise disclose the personal information that you provide to us or that we collect for third-party service providers without your consent, nor collect your personal information on behalf of third-party service providers.

8.Storage of Personal Information

We will retain your personal data for the time needed to provide services to you unless the laws demand we delete it or we have received your request to delete it. In order to protect your personal information, the information that we collect will be stored according to relevant privacy laws and regulations in related countries.

If we cease to provide services or operate, we and the third parties we cooperate with will stop collecting your personal information in time and shall abide by relevant laws and regulations to inform you in advance and delete or anonymize your personal data after we cease to operate or provide services unless there are laws, regulations or regulatory authority that demand otherwise.

9.Protection of Personal Information

Under the existing equipment and technical conditions, we have always actively taken reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the security of your account and personal information; we will use the collected information in good faith and take various effective and necessary measures to protect your privacy. be secure and use commercially reasonable security technology measures to protect your privacy from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For example, in some of our services, we use encryption technology to protect certain sensitive information you provide to us.

However, please be aware that no data security measures can always guarantee 100% security. You should always be cautious when it comes to your personal information.

10.Cookies and Related Technologies

Cookies are a neutral technology that allows web servers to store data on or read data from clients. To optimize your experience, we use cookies or similar technologies. We will not use the above technologies for any purpose other than those described in this policy. Please understand that some services can only be achieved by using the above technologies. You can disable or delete the above technologies by changing your settings, or by visiting the provider's web pages, as permitted by your device or associated program. However, this action may affect your use of products and/or services.

11.Protection of Minors' Rights

We attach great importance to the protection of minors' personal information and are constantly exploring better ways to protect minors' personal information. If you are the legal guardian of a minor, please pay attention to whether the minor under your guardianship is using our products and services or providing their personal information after having obtained your authorization and consent. If a minor uses our services without the consent of the legal guardian, the legal guardian of the minor has the right to contact us through the contact information provided by us and ask us to delete the personal information of the minor. We will delete the said information upon verification.

12.Your Rights to Manage Your Personal Information

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we guarantee that you can exercise the following rights over your personal information. You can manage your personal information in the following ways:
(a) If you have the need to inquire, copy, correct, supplement, delete your personal information in the game or obtain a copy of your personal information, please contact us according to the contact information provided by us. We will verify your identity and carry out reasonable operations after your specific requirements are made clear.

(b) If you need to delete your account and erase your information in the game, you can apply for account cancellation in the product [Settings] - [Account Deletion] or other places in the product or you can follow the instructions in the "Privacy Policy" contact us. When requesting account deletion, we will verify your identity, account security status, and deletion conditions. You may consult our Account Deletion policy for more details. Your personal information involved with this account will be deleted or anonymized upon game account deletion unless the laws and regulations or this privacy policy demand otherwise. Please be reminded that, once deleted, you account will be unrecoverable. User caution is advised.

13.Updates of This Privacy Policy

We hope to provide you with perfect products and services which is why we will continue to improve our products and services, which means that we may frequently launch new business functions, which may require collecting new personal information or changing the purpose of use of personal information or way. However, we will only collect relevant information with your express consent. If you do not agree with the changed content, we will not be able to provide you with services. It is strongly recommended that you check this page frequently, referring to the "Last Modified" date listed in this Privacy Policy.

14.Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, or any questions about our privacy practices, you may send an email to

Appendix One: Third Party Personal Information List
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